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About Leak Detection South

Leak Detection South is a team of water leak detection specialists with more than 20 years of industry expertise. We cover leak detection in Portsmouth, Southampton and all of Hampshire and the surrounding areas.

Our specialists are trained to detect water leaks quickly and accurately and provide the appropriate solution for your specific needs.

We’ve helped hundreds of customers in both domestic and commercial properties with planned or emergency leak repairs on internal and external pipework with minimal disruption wherever possible.

Our response time is within 24 hours. If you have a home emergency, don't hesitate to give us a call.

Leak Detection South operates across the South East providing leak detection services for water supply pipes and central heating systems. We can also investigate water ingress and provide mould removal services.

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Water Supply Pipe Leaks


Latest technology used to find leaks

Quick and cost-effective repairs

Pipe Leaks


Non-destructive leak detection methods

Central Heating Leaks


GAS SAFE registered engineers

All types of heating systems catered for

Water Leaks and Ingress


Comprehensive waterproofing solutions

Mould Removal


Causes of mould growth identified

Quick and safe treatments



A trenchless method for installing pipes

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24hour response time

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Locations Covered

Leak Detection South operates across the South East of England covering:

West Sussex

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    Water Supply Pipe Leaks

    Also known as water service pipes, water supply pipes carry clean drinking water from the water main to each individual property. The responsibility for water supply pipes is usually with the home or business owner, however if you are unsure, we recommend you check with your local water company.

    Leaks from water supply pipes can be costly, not only through the damage they can cause but also through lost revenue if your business has to shut.

    Water pipe leaks are not always immediately obvious. A sign that there may be water leaking would be your water meter showing a higher than normal usage or an unusually high water bill coming through your letterbox. In this situation, you need a fast and efficient leak detection service.  

    Leak Detection South are experts in finding the origin of a water leak. Using the latest technology, we can pinpoint the location of the leak and provide suitable solutions that fit your budget and timescales. 
    We understand that dealing with a water supply pipe leak can be stressful. With Leak Detection South, you get a professional service you can rely on. 

    Pipe Leaks

    A pipe leak in your property can be highly destructive and needs to be repaired as quickly as possible.

    How do you know if you have a water pipe leak?
    Common signs of a water leak include:

    • Mouldy walls
    • A drop in water pressure
    • Damp or cracked walls, ceilings and floors
    • Strange clanging noises
    • Nasty smells

    Water pipes aren’t always in view, they can be under floors or within the walls of the building so finding a leaky pipe can be difficult.
    Our leak detection specialists use advanced technology along with years of experience to find the leak in the least disruptive way. 

    Once the leak has been located, we can recommend the best course of action to repair it, safeguarding your property from further damage.

    Central Heating Leaks

    Central heating leaks can lead to your heating system breaking down so to avoid being left without heating or hot water, they need to be repaired quickly.

    Common signs of central heating leaks include:

    • Your boiler losing pressure or making hissing sounds
    • Water dripping around the boiler or damp patch underneath the boiler
    • Water dripping from radiators or radiator valves
    • Damp patches on walls

    If you spot any of these signs, we recommend calling out a professional who can identify the cause and origin of the leak and carry out the repairs.

    Leak Detection South engineers are GAS SAFE registered and have the skills and knowledge to fix central heating leaks safely.  

    We carry out leak detection services on all types of heating systems including coal, gas, electric and wood heating systems.

    Water Leaks and Ingress

    Water ingress is the process of water finding its way into a building. It can be extremely damaging and can potentially lead to further problems.

    The causes of water ingress are many but the most common reasons are:

    • Damaged and leaking drainage or plumbing – Blocked and cracked guttering and downpipes
    • Damaged walls – Brickwork, mortar or render that has deteriorated.
    • Roof damage – Missing or broken tiles, damaged flashing around the chimney
    • Windows – Damaged flashing around window frames
    • Rising damp – Inadequate water proofing or through a basement

    The consequences of water ingress can be serious if left untreated. These can be damp walls & floors, wet rot, dry rot, musty smells and mould growth.

    Leak Detection South are experts at finding where water is entering your property and providing the most appropriate waterproofing solution to avoid long term problems.

    Mould Removal

    Mould is a common sign of a water leak or a badly ventilated property which suffers from condensation. When warm moist air comes into contact with a surface (a wall or ceiling) that’s at a lower temperature, moisture condenses on to it. This creates the perfect conditions for mould to grow.

    If left untreated, mould can spread very quickly, and not only look unsightly but can be bad for your health as it can release toxins into the air.

    Leak Detection South are specialists at mould removal, using specific cleaning treatments for the type of mould you have. To prevent the mould coming back, we can identify the reason for the mould growth. Our leak detection services will ascertain if it’s a water pipe leak or water ingress and provide the appropriate repairs.


    Moling is a method of installing piping underground, such as water pipes and pipes for heat pump systems. It removes the need to dig large open trenches to install the pipes, meaning there is less disruption and is more cost effective.

    Moling involves digging small entry and exit holes, up to 10 meters apart (depending on the size of the area). A “mole” (a steel cylinder) creates the space for the pipes as it drills through the soil using pulsed compressed air. The pipes can then be fed through the space left behind.

    This technology removes the need to dig large trenches, which can be highly damaging and disruptive for customers.

    Leak Detection South specialise in moling services for water supply pipes and are happy to advise on any concerns you may have regarding the process. 

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